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How To Give My Marketing A "Quick Holiday Boost"

5 hands-on ideas how to use speaking avatars for your holiday marketing

If you wish to boost your holiday marketing, but don't have endless resources for it, this guide is for you. Here are 5 easy, simple ideas that time-wise take maybe a couple of your coffee breaks. Results? You will be nicely surprised by what a big impact these small ideas can bring to your website and holiday sales.

Download the holiday marketing guide (PDF)

1. Personalize your Holiday marketing with a virtual YOU
Adding a personal touch to your online presence can make all the difference in connecting with your audience this holiday season. And what can be more effective to that end than a 3D talking avatar of yourself? Try our new avatar creation feature, 3D PhotoFace, to quickly create a lifelike, photo real avatar of yourself. You will be amazed how real the result will look!

Use the virtual YOU in your website, email or the social networks. You will surely stand out this busy season! Try Our Demo Editor

2. Add a Holiday model to stand out
The idea of dressing up your website with holiday-themed avatars may sound trivial, but the impact is big. It will be a nice surprise to everyone who visits your website, bringing a smile to their face and igniting the warm and joyful feeling of the holidays.

Use our holiday outits and backgrounds to accessorize a basic model, included in all our packages, or really get into the holiday spirit with one of our specialty models such as a Santa Claus or an Elf. We offer a dozen of them!

3. Create a Holiday message to communicate with impact
Having the right message can turn an uninterested visitor into a loyal customer. Make sure you are maximizing the power of audio by scripting your avatar with an appropriate and seasonal holiday message.

You can record it in your own voice, or use one of our voice talents to ind a more holiday-appropriate voice. Need an idea what to say? Check out our pre-recorded holiday greetings! (See "Holiday Greetings" in the drop down menu at "step 4 Audio" in the editor) Try Our Demo Editor

4. Highlight special deals and increase conversions
Talking avatars are known for their ability to focus visitors? attention on a call to action and increase conversions. Why not use that power to pitch your deals and maximize sales for holidays? TimeZone247, an ecommerce company in the UK, saw 5 watches a month in sales soar up to 95 in less than 2 weeks after they added a talking avatar of Santa Claus in their online shopping cart.
Read the case study (PDF)

5. Spread holiday cheer with your emails or social networks
SitePal can spread holiday cheer beyond your website! Use it to send a personalized email to customers or add a touch of holiday spirit to your social network proiles or fan pages. A holiday-themed talking avatar is a great addition for holiday promotions, season's greeting messages, or thank you notes to customers or social followers.