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Functional Players - Make Your Character more Interactive

Make your speaking character carry specific business tasks on your website such as collecting leads or answering FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Using our built-in player feature, it's quick and easy to add these solutions.

Interactive character FAQ feature

  • With SitePal Avatar FAQ player, your character can respond to frequently asked questions from site visitors, like a customer service agent.
  • Choose the "FAQ Player" option in the editor, input your questions, and set the corresponding audio answers.
  • Educate customers on top features

Customer Success Story with FAQ Player

"The interactive FAQ feature gives visitors the ability to have their questions answered verbally just by clicking the questions, making our visitors stay longer on the site while finding the information they need right away." - Rent the Place.Com

Interactive character lead generation feature

  • Use your SitePal speaking character to collect contact information from your potential customers - phone numbers, email addresses, and more
  • Receive the collected lead information via email, online reports, or excel downloads.
  • Choose "Lead Player" in your editor and follow the easy steps.

Customer Success Story with LEAD GEN Player

"The Sitepal lead generation player, which is added to our newsletters and is available via our Contact Us page, has significantly increased the number of customers who contact us! The lead generation player is an easy and effective way to make someone contact us instead of letting them find and click on our email address. We are very happy with your services and products!" - Tania-Maria Xavier,