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SitePal APIs for developers

SitePal offers 3 powerful sets of API (Application Programming Interfaced), allowing advanced users or developers to explore deeper into SitePal's capabilities. Also visit our Support area for information.

Note: we also provide an embedded toolkit for using our avatars in mobile app development. Ask us.

SitePal Client API

Control what the avatars say & when they speak by using an extensive set of client side calls which can be made from within your browser page in Javascript. The SitePal Client API enables communication between the host environment and the embedded SitePal Scene. API is also available in C++ and C# for use in native code applications. SitePal Client API Capabilities include:

  • facial control functions
  • speech functions
  • navigation flow functions
  • scene management attributes
  • event callbacks

SitePal Server API (Only Platinum package and SitePal Avatar Framework supports Server API)

Remotely manage your users' accounts, avatars, media assets & account settings, to achieve tight integration with your application's functionality. SitePal Server API Capabilities include:

  • Account Authentication functions
  • Account Management functions
  • User Management functions
  • scene management Functions
  • Background & Audio Management functions
  • TTS creation & Management functions

SitePal Editor-Integration API (Only SitePal Avatar Framework supports Editor-Integration API)

Allow your user to securely launch the SitePal avatar creation editor from your site, and save the created content back to your site. Seamless integration with your existing site functionality and features.

SitePal Editor-Integration API Reference

Learn more about Avatar Framework and see client examples using Editor-integration API