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Talking Avatar Best Practices

SitePal is a powerful tool that lets you unleash your creativity to communicate with prospects and customers. In order to maximize the returns, however, it's important for you to know how to use the tool correctly. Here are some great tips from our customers and experts on how to use a talking avatar for the best results!

Read our free talking avatar best practice guide with more tips from experts and visual examples as well.

1. Have a clear goal for your character

Use SitePal as a means to an end. A SitePal avatar is a great tool to help you make your message come across louder, persuade visitors to take action and boost conversions. However, in order to maximize the results, you need to have a clear goal for your character. Ask yourself, "What problem am I trying to solve with the character?"

2. Prepare a compelling copy with a strong call to action

Once you have a goal in mind, think about how to use a character to drive the intended action such as clicking a purchase button or filling a form, etc. A clearly defined call to action will make the character much more effective and will make it easier to measure the results. Invest enough time to build a brief and compelling audio copy that focuses visitors' attention the call to action. Need help? Companies like can help you come up with an effective pitch.

3. Brand your SitePal for your company and target audience

SitePal models come with endless possibilities. Exploit the customizability to its full potential to have your SitePal character build on your brand. Choose the right look that best resonates with your target audience. If you want to take things a step further, consider creating a custom character out of your company's mascot or even yourself! You can also upload your company's logo as the background, which is a great way to reinforce your brand through SitePal.

4. Don't "yell" at your visitors. Use your audio in a correct manner

Give your viewer the power to "opt-in" when they want to hear the audio message. Rather than automatically having your character speak on load, you can let users click play or roll over to get it to start. If you prefer playing it on load to maximize the immediate attention, ensure to add a "Pause" or "Mute" button to your speaking avatar. SitePal lets you easily configure how it plays.

5. Test, test and test for the best ROI

There are no rules when it comes to creativity - try it, test it, refine it. A tool we recommend for this purpose is Google Optimizer. It allows you to easily test multiple variables on a web page to determine which combination brings the most success (e.g. sales, sign ups). Use the tool to test multiple SitePal scenes with different characters, audios or backgrounds, and see which combination works best for you. Google Optimizer is free and easy to set up. With a little bit of work, you can dramatically improve your ROI form SitePal avatars.